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A key note from the founder of Integrated Personalized Preventive Health Care Clinic


The Healthcare system for long has been focusing on Curative healthcare than on Preventive health care. Curative health care focuses on treatment (medical or surgical) once the problem has evolved whereas preventive health care focuses on treatment before a problem arises. The term Prevention is a very commonly used term in healthcare, but simply put "It is a path less travelled". The 'What's' in preventive health care are common, but the 'How's' are not! One of the areas where preventive approach will be very effective is in the management of chronic diseases or non-communicable diseases. Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, Obesity, Heart attacks, strokes, etc. do not have an immediate cure. These have to be managed by adopting the preventive approach in an integrated and personalized manner.

Our preventive services focus mainly on chronic diseases and we work out a customized programme based on your risk factors identified in the process of healthcare screening. Prevention remains the cornerstone of our system and we work towards offering quality care to our customers.

Our Preventive Healthcare Services

We offer a whole suite of preventive healthcare services that help you identify issues at an early stage



Prevention of heart attack and stroke

The services are mainly focused on early detection of Heart Attack and Stroke.


Healthy Heart Lifestyle Intervention Programme

We will teach you how to make simple changes in your lifestyle and diet.


Healthy Body weight Programme

An integrated multidisciplinary team approach that help you maintain healthy weight.


Corporate wellness Programme

A customized and innovative programme beneficial to the employer and employee.


Healthy Liver Programme

A comprehensive evaluation of your liver to detect diseases at an early stage and maintain a healthy liver for life.


Therapeutic yoga and Meditation

A customized service offered by experienced teachers from yoga foundation.


Save your legs for life programme

This programme is for people who have very poor circulation to the legs.


Save your Uterus for life programme

This is the programme for females who are suffering from fibroid uterus.


Vascular Health testing at Prevent Heart Attack centre (Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute) includes a battery of noninvasive tests that helps detect functional and structural changes that take place within the blood vessels 5 – 10 years before a person suffers a heart attack or stroke.

Cholesterol Build Up within Blood Vessels Leads to Heart Attack, Stroke and Peripheral Arterial Disease. The Disease Starts Early in life and progresses slowly and attacks suddenly without prior warning symptoms leading to heart attack. Every 25 seconds someone is experiencing a chest pain and every 1 minute there is somebody dying of heart attack.

NO! 77% of people who suffer from heart attacks have been found to have NORMAL CHOLESTEROL (SHAPE society, Texas, USA)

NO! The current available tests such as ECG, Echo TMT, stress echo, stress thalium, etc. show positivity only after blocks develop causing at least 60-70% of narrowing of the blood vessels. However, a "VASCULAR HEALTH TEST" at Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute detects vascular changes 5 - 15 Years before one gets heart attack.

YES! Winston Churchill was obese, smoker and had all the risk factors for heart disease but he lived up to 89 years.

Jim Fix was slim and a marathon runner with minimal risk for heart disease but he died at the age of 52 following a massive heart attack.

This does not mean that you should eat unhealthy food or indulge in bad habits such as smoking. It means that a Vascular Health Test is very important to ensure that you have a healthy heart.